A dental emergency is never planned and often result in sudden pain. Our dental team is experienced and ready to work in dental emergencies. We are here to help stop the pain.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Trauma: If your tooth has shifted or been dislodged due to trauma, then treatment can be done to help align and prevent more costly treatment. It’s also important to get a base line x-ray to monitor the tooth for changes.
  • Toothache: Tooth pain can cause your jaw to ache, ear to hurt, or even cause headaches. Toothaches can be due to a cracked tooth, cavity or tooth infection.
  • Abscess:  Abscesses may be painful or just a tender swelling in your mouth. They are typically caused by a tooth or periodontal infection. Abscess need to have the source treated in order to heal. Antibiotics typically will not cure a dental abscess.
  • Missing or Broken Restoration: When a filling or crown is broken it often times does not cause severe pain, but it may cause food to pack or cold sensitivity. When a restoration breaks it could be due to an underlying cavity or crack in the tooth.

Did you know most dental emergencies can be prevented?

How can I prevent a dental emergency?

  • Routine Dental Exams – Routine dental exams allow problems to be diagnosed and fixed in their early stages before toothache arises.
  • Professional Cleanings: A clean mouth is a healthy you. With less bacteria in your mouth, your risk for infections is decreased.
  • At Home Preventive Care: Our team has loads of at home care tips and tricks. If you are open to learning we can help you improve your home care so your risk for cavities and gum disease decreases.
  • Diagnostic X-rays: A lot can change inside your mouth in just a year. Conservative dental X-rays can help us catch these changes before they become painful and costly to fix.