Routine maintenance and checkups are the keys to a healthy smile. Routine care is affordable and planned. Neglected teeth can cause unplanned pain and thousands of dollars to fix.

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive care includes the following:

Exams: Typically performed every 6 months by a dentist. The dentist will evaluate your jaw joints, teeth, bone, and gum tissue for changes and signs of disease.

X-rays: X-rays allow your dentist to see inside the tooth and below the gum tissue. This allows your dentist to catch problems before they cause pain or require expensive fixes.

Professional Teeth Cleaning: This is recommended every 6 months. A teeth cleaning breaks up biofilms that have formed in your mouth to reduce your risk for Periodontal Disease and cavities.

Oral Cancer Screening: This is done by your dentist during your exam. The dentist will visually search for oral tissue for any signs of pathology or changes.

Benefits of Preventive care

  • Saves you Money – Small problems always cost less.
  • Saves you Time – Routine care is quick and simple.
  • Reduced risk for Periodontal Disease – Routine screenings and cleanings prevent this disease from going unnoticed.
  • Reduced risk for Cavities – Routine cleanings remove plaque and calculus, reducing your risk for cavities.
  • Whole Body Health – A healthy mouth will reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, dementia, pneumonia, and preterm births.